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Independent Cinemas Australia (ICA) is the cinemas association of record for Australian independent cinemas with a membership ranging from single screens in rural areas through to metropolitan multiplex circuits.





ICA has members in every state and territory in Australia.

ICA and the New Zealand Motion Picture Exhibitors Association (NZMPEA) entered into an historic governance agreement which brings shared representation to member sites in Australia and New Zealand.


ICA's mission is to represent and advance the interests of independent cinemas and their affiliates across all areas of common interest in an increasingly competitive and complex industry by business development, support and representation including such bodies as.

* formally the IP Awareness Foundation


Independent Cinema - The Heart of the Community


Australians have had a love affair with cinema since its inception over a 100 years ago and boast many firsts including producing one of the world's first feature films (For The Term of His Natural Life) in 1908 and the development of the world's first "gold class cinemas".


The Australia cinema industry grossed over $1.1billion in 2012 and even through difficult economic times cinema attendances have stayed strong as audiences return again and again to the unique experience that cinema offers. In 2015, total Australian box office and admissions were up by 14.1% and 14.8% respectively compared with the year prior. 


Supporting Australian film and Australian audiences, Independent cinema remains a strong and vibrant part of the industry and nearly 30% of Australian box office comes through the doors of your local independent cinema.


The strength of our cinemas is their connection to the local community whether it's an 'arthouse' in the city or a regional multiplex or a single screen in the bush. Independent cinemas are all operated privately and in an independent cinema you'll often find that the person serving you at the ticket box is also the owner.


Independent cinemas continue to offer quality entertainment at affordable prices, while supporting the community with local employment and working to create a social hub. Independent cinemas have been an enduring part of Australia's social fabric for over a century and remain - The Heart of the Community.